Responsible Gaming company considers online games as a means to be an enjoyable experience. We are aware that, unfortunately, for some people they may cease to be a harmless leisure and become a serious problem - gambling can be addictive and negatively affect life. That is why the company is committed to that our clients participate in the Responsible Gaming. To help our customers not become addicted to gambling, we offer several responsible gaming options:



• Set limits on deposits

• Set limits on bet

• Time Out

• Self-Exclusion


Using the proposed Responsible Gaming options, our customers will be able to control the time and money they spend on online games. Individual personal responsibility plays a large role in using the Responsible Gaming tools that we offer.


If, however, you think that online games have caused you a gaming addiction, you are not able to use self-control and, accordingly, avoid using the Responsible Gaming tools, seek advice from a gambling specialist.


In case you have noticed a gambling addiction with someone in your community, please contact us here


Nobody under the age of 18 is not allowed to play online games.