Accounts, Payments and Bonus

Accounts, Payments and Bonuses


As part of our commitment to quality service, we strive to ensure that your withdrawal request is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All withdrawals go through an internal audit process to ensure compliance with fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing and other legal obligations and regulatory requirements. As a result, withdrawals may take 24 hours to process, but in some cases may take slightly longer. Withdrawals made by the Customer must be executed in a timely manner and in accordance with the rules prescribed by the withdrawal policy and payment details policy.

In the case of withdrawals of higher amounts, may split the amount into smaller withdrawals to facilitate the request. However, any withdrawal fees will not be increased as a result of this segmentation. All customers must verify their identity shortly after creating an account with us. We reserve the right to request further explanations and/or supporting documents regarding customer identification, payment method, source of funds or wealth and/or any other necessary information we deem appropriate to satisfy our legal obligations and regulatory requirements.


If you encounter any obstacles when completing the form or notice that your payment has not been processed for any reason, please contact our support team:

- Valid biometric photo ID: This biometric document can be in the form of a scan of a Passport or ID card. Specifically, it is the photo page of the ID document that we need for our verification checks. Make sure your full name, photograph, full address and signature are visible on the document.

- Proof of address: This can be in the form of a utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement. It must be a recent document (within the last 3 months) showing your full name and address as recorded on your account with us. If you submit a credit card statement, be sure to delete the middle eight numbers of the credit card.

- Notarized documentation: Your documents may need to be authenticated by a duly qualified notary/attorney, signed and stamped as proof of legitimacy at our request.

Note: In some cases, depending on the payment method used to fund your account, you may be asked for one or a combination of the above documents, or additional documents not listed above.


We have the right to take the following actions after the above checks:


Cancel the withdrawal and return the funds on account when:

- The client has not yet provided the requested documents;

- The customer's identification documents have expired;

- There are fraud/cheating/collusion/money laundering issues (The account will be frozen and the money blocked).

- The client is aware that all reload amounts must be played in order to generate a successful withdrawal.

- Customer attempts to withdraw after a player transfer;

- The payment method to which the withdrawal has been requested is not the same as the deposit method.


 Please note the following withdrawal information (relevant for users using, or not using, credit cards):


In cases where account verification is required to complete your request, that process must be completed within 7 days or your withdrawal will be reversed and the funds returned to your user account. Please notify us immediately if your credit/debit card(s) are lost, stolen or cancelled or if the status of your virtual wallet changes, so that we can investigate its status.

Below, you can see the type of authentication required, based on the total amount of customer withdrawals for one (1) month:

We reserve the right to delay and/or stop processing withdrawal requests until final approval has been received for any pending deposit transactions.



Bonus Conditions


The following are the general terms and conditions ("Rules") that apply to all offers, prize promotions and contests (collectively, "Promotions") that are advertised on our website ("Site") or accessible through the "Client" as an external source.

Each Promotion is organized by ("we"/"us"/"our"/"our company"), which is the owner and administrator of the Site. To participate in any Promotion, each participant ("Participant"/"you") agrees to unconditionally comply with the following (as applicable) (I) these Rules; (II) the end user license agreement governing use of the Site; (III) the tournament rules governing participation in any tournament on the Site; and (IV) any special terms and conditions relevant to the individual Promotion that may be displayed on the Site *(PROMOTIONS).



1. To participate in any Promotion you must be 18 years of age or the legal age of majority applicable in the jurisdiction in which you reside (whichever is greater). You may be required at any time to provide us or our designated third party with proof of your age and/or identity, and you must be able to produce, upon request, a valid passport or other valid government issued photo ID to verify your age and/or identity to the reasonable satisfaction of our security team. If you are unable to produce any of these documents to our satisfaction, you will be automatically excluded from the Promotion and may forfeit any privileges, prizes or funds allocated to you without compensation of any kind.

2. Each participant in a Promotion must be the same person whose name appears on the player account ( account) registered on our website to participate in the Promotion. By participating in this Promotion, you confirm to us that your name, address and personal details registered in your account are correct and up to date. If you are unable to provide valid proof of your name, address or other personal data to our complete satisfaction, you will be excluded or disqualified from the Promotion.

3. Employees and their family members or any entity affiliated or related to our company are not eligible to participate in any Promotion. For purposes hereof, the term "relative" shall include, but is not limited to, spouse, partner, parents, cousins, children or siblings, and the term "affiliate" shall include, but is not limited to, such employee's roommate or roommate.

4. Where persons located in a particular jurisdiction are prohibited from participating in any Promotion or where a Promotion only applies to a particular jurisdiction, this will be specified in the Terms and Conditions.



Conduct of Participants


You may only have one Account, and you must use that Account to participate in the Promotion. In addition, you must not allow any other person to participate in the Promotion using your personal Account. You are allowed to use only one device per account. If we discover that an Account is associated with another Account through a unique device ID or IP address, we reserve the absolute right to automatically disqualify or invalidate your participation. Our company may, in its sole discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw any user, bonus or promotion, or rescind any policy with respect to that user, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate that user's access to the service and/or block that user's account.

2. If we become aware of any fraud, cheating, misconduct, dishonesty or similar action in connection with your participation in the Promotion or if you breach these Rules, we reserve the absolute right to automatically disqualify or invalidate your participation. If the fraud, cheating, misconduct, dishonesty or other action is not discovered until after the prize has been awarded to you, you will be required to return it (or provide compensation) immediately upon notice from us.

3. Throughout the duration of the Promotion, our team will enforce strict rules on the behavior of all participants. We reserve the right to take such action as we deem necessary against any Participant who violates these Rules, and such action may include, but is not limited to, exclusion, suspension or disqualification from the Promotion, forfeiture of any prize or any reward that has been allocated and/or normally awarded to such Participant. The decision as to what activity or behavior constitutes a breach of these Rules or the Promotion or what constitutes an act of cheating or dishonesty in connection with any conduct of a Participant while participating in this Promotion rests solely with us and in our sole discretion.


Free Spins/Rewards/Gifts/Bonuses


1. We will set forth on the Site, the duration, as well as the end date for entry into each free spin or Promotion or the number of entries we will accept before closing the Promotion. This information will be available with each prize ("Prize") or reward ("Bonus") on offer ("Gift") or in the Tournament information, but will not be available in these Rules.

2. For the avoidance of doubt, the prizes/bonuses or rewards offered and/or all other items that may be given away as part of the Promotion are non-transferable and may not be given, assigned, transferred, sold or exchanged with any other person(s).

We reserve the right to provide a cash alternative for any Prize or Gift. You will not be entitled to demand payment of the cash alternative unless we agree otherwise.

4. Prize/Gift/Bonus winners will be notified within 30 (thirty) days of winning by telephone, email or other form of communication. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that the contact details and email address listed in their account are valid and correct. We will not send a Prize/Gift/Bonus until you have been notified of your win and Prizes/Gifts/Bonus will be credited to your Account only at the address linked to your Account.

5. Prizes/Gifts/Bonuses must be claimed within 30 days from the date you are notified of your win unless otherwise stated. If you have not claimed the Prize/Gift/Bonus within this period, your Prize/Gift/Bonus will be forfeited. Cancelled prizes may be re-drawn and offered to another participant or in another promotion.

6. Once you are notified that you have won a Prize/Voucher or are eligible to receive a Gift, the Prize/Gift/Voucher will be shipped or made available to you no later than 90 (ninety) days after the conclusion of the Promotion. If you are to receive a Prize/Gift/bonus, it will be shipped to you no later than 60 (sixty) days after the conclusion of the Promotion. Please note, however, that if an element of a Prize/Gift/Coupon may relate to an event taking place at a future date, you will not be able to use the Prize/Gift/Coupon until that date.

7. Free Spins/Gifts/Bonuses are subject to availability. In the event of unavailability, we reserve the right to provide an alternative Prize or Gift or Bonus of similar value and specification.

8. There may be additional terms and conditions imposed by the provider of a Prize or Gift ("Third Party Rules") in order for you to claim and/or use a particular Prize or Gift and we will not be liable for your failure to comply with such Third Party Rules. In addition, you may be required to enter into a separate binding agreement with us regarding the terms and conditions governing the award and/or use of any element of the free spins/Rewards/Gifts/bonuses. Failure to comply with such terms and conditions may result in forfeiture of the Free Spins/Rewards/Gifts/Bonuses.

9. Winners are not entitled or authorized to bind us in any way to any contract, expense or cost entered into or incurred without our prior written acceptance of the same.

10. No prize or gift will be awarded to any participant who, for any reason, is not authorized by applicable law to receive and/or use the prizes/gifts/bonuses or where the provision of the prizes/gifts/bonuses to such participant is unlawful; or who has opted not to play, participate in or receive communications about our products or services, or where the prize or gift in question can be won through the use of such products and services. Any participant who receives a prize/gift/voucher as part of any promotion is solely responsible for all duties, taxes or charges that may be payable to any relevant authority, whether levied as a withholding tax from the payment of the prize/gift/voucher or as taxes in respect of the receipt of the prize/gift/voucher, in accordance with applicable laws. If we are required to withhold taxes from free spins/prizes/gifts/bonuses, the amount we receive may be less than the advertised free spins/prizes/gifts/bonuses.

11. Cash Bonus Withdrawal: All cash bonuses earned in free spins or given in redeemable codes or as a SIGN UP bonus cannot be withdrawn for a full month from the time a free spins award is received or when the bonus is activated.

12. reserves the right to refuse any type of withdrawal that has been requested by the player, if the desired amount was given to the player by (promotions, bonus code, rollover, cashback).

13. Players who have no deposits and win free money playing free spins, or who have any kind of free rewards cannot play casino with that money (casino winnings will be removed from their balance).


Use of Personal Information


1. In the event that you win any promotion on our platform, you acknowledge and consent to our use of your personal information (such as, for example, your name, username and country of origin) to identify you as a winner, in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. Please note, however, that if we want you to participate in any advertising or marketing campaign in connection with your participation in any of these promotions, we will request your written consent to any such use.

2. If we wish to use your name, likeness and voice in marketing and promotional campaigns in any media in connection with your participation in this Promotion, we will request your written consent to any such use.

3. These Rules represent the entire agreement between you and in connection with each Promotion in which you participate and supersede all prior representations, agreements, negotiations or understandings (whether oral or written) between Juega En Linea and you. Except as specifically set forth herein, all conditions, warranties, representations and terms (whether express or implied by law) are hereby excluded in their entirety. The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of all or any part of these Rules shall not affect or prejudice the continued enforceability of the remainder of the Rules.


General Rules


1. We reserve the right, at any time, to alter these Rules at our sole discretion, including cancelling, modifying or suspending any Promotion if, in our sole discretion, we believe that the Promotion is not capable of being carried out as specified. Any changes to any Promotion will be made on the Platform and your continued participation in that Promotion will be deemed an acceptance of any proposed change, modification or alteration.